System Center Configuration Manager(SCCM)

Tools to help you get started and successfully deploy, manage, and support System Center in your organization

System Center Configuration Manager

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is a Windows product that enables administrators to manage the deployment and security of devices and applications across an enterprise.

SSCM makes it easy to deploy, configure, manage and monitor your virtualized workloads, software defined datacenter and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Enabling a comprehensive datacenter management solution. Support for everything from provisioning the physical and virtual infrastructure to IT process and service management.

Benefits for Organizations

If you have a dedicated IT staff with datacenter administration experience, your organization can use System Center.

  • Pool shared resources into a “private cloud” to provide users with IT as a Service that they can self-allocate through a portal.
  • Manage hybrid cloud environments that combine public and private cloud applications and services from a centralized interface.
  • Standardize and automate datacenter processes to reduce costs and improve service reliability.


Servers to be managed by these System Center components.

Configuration Manager Provides software deployment, distribution, update management, and configuration monitoring throughout an IT infrastructure

Data Protection Manager Enables disk-based data protection and recovery for file and application servers as well as client computers

Endpoint Protection Works with Configuration Manager to provide a single infrastructure for client management and security, including malware detection

Operations Manager  Monitors the health of IT services across datacenter and cloud infrastructures

Orchestrator A workflow management tool for automating the creation, monitoring, and deployment of IT resources

Service Manager An integrated platform for automating and adapting your organization’s IT service management best practices

Virtual Machine Manager Enables administration and management of Microsoft and VMware virtual machine guests and virtual machine hosts

Reporting Manager A reporting solution designed to consolidate the data from all the above products to create comprehensive reports

System Center 2016 offers an array of new capabilities across components

Component Description 2016 Highlights
Virtual Machine ManagerProvision fabric, deploy
and manage VMs, and
deploy multi-tier apps
  • Support for new and enhanced Windows Server 2016 software-defined compute, storage and networking technologies

  • Template-based deployment

  • Secure infrastructure via Shielded VMs and Host Guardian Service support

  • Nano Server lifecycle support
  • Configuration Manager Configure, patch and
    update clients & servers.
    Anti-malware and security
  • Comprehensive Windows 10 and Windows Server deployment, servicing and configuration management

  • Faster and easier to install updates

  • Native attach to cloud services
  • Operations Manager Monitor physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure and workloads in real-time
  • Expanded monitoring for Linux/Unix

  • Enhanced console experience

  • Plan and schedule maintenance windows

  • Seamless management packs discovery and greater fine-tuning of alerts

  • Attach to Operations Management Suite for supplementary cloud services
  • Orchestrator and Service Management Automation Automate management tasks using graphical and scripting tools
  • Ease of authoring, testing and deployment of automation scripts

  • PowerShell 5.0 support
  • Service ManagerIT process management and self-service
  • Enhanced performance and user experience

  • New HTML5 portal
  • Data Protection Management Backup private clouds, physical machines, clients, and server applications
  • Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) protection

  • Protection of Windows clusters, even through migration activities

  • Backup and recovery for shielded VMs

  • Storage Spaces Direct support
  • Watch the System Center Configuration Manager overview video

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