AdGuard discovered fake ad-blocking extensions in the Chrome Web Store

A researcher with AdGuard discovered five fake ad-blocking extensions in the Chrome Web Store that used hidden scripts to manipulate users’ browsers.

After AdGuard published the report, the Chrome team removed all five of the extensions from its store.

Unfortunately, malicious browser extensions are nothing new. They often have access to everything you do online and could allow its creators to steal any information victims enter into any website they visit, including passwords, web browsing history and credit card details.

Click here for AdGuard published the report

Here’s the list:

  1. AdRemover for Google Chrome™
  2. uBlock Plus
  3. Adblock Pro
  4. HD for YouTube™
  5. Webutation

If you plan on using an ad blocker, it’s well worth doing a bit of background research on browser extensions before installing them to be sure they have known authors and are recommended by reputable sources.

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