Fruit-Fly – Nasty Mac malware

can control your webcam and record everything you type

Macs are a lot less susceptible to malware and virus attacks than their Windows-based counterparts are, but they are not malware-proof.

Hackers may be more inclined to attack Microsoft’s operating system and look for code vulnerabilities, as more people use Windows devices than Macs.

The Mac malware is called FruitFly, the malware can remotely take full control of webcams, screen, mouse, keyboards, and install another malicious software. FruitFly runs silently in the background, spies on users through the computer’s camera, capture images of what’s displayed on the screen and logs key strokes.

FruitFly, the Mac malware was initially detected earlier this year by Malwarebytes researcher Thomas Reed, and Apple quickly released security patches to address the dangerous malware.

A few hundred machines was recently discovered and patched.

Until now, there is no evidence at this point connecting this malware to a particular group, the fact that it has been seen specifically at biomedical research institutions certainly looks like it could be the result of exactly that kind of espionage.

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